Ultimate Gifts: SuperDeker


All the training in the world will never prepare a player for what could happen in a game. It’s why we love it so much; one shift is as unpredictable as the next. So how does this relate to finding ultimate gifts for your ultimate hockey player?

Let’s not forget one thing: hockey is fun. It’s fast, erratic and mind-numbingly difficult sometimes, but it’s absolutely the most thrilling and entertaining sport in the world. Players should have a good time while training their eyes and hands to keep up with the mercurial rigors of every contest.

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Quicken Your Snap Shot


When you have a defenseman bearing down on you right when you receive a pass, the last thing you want to do is turn the puck over, especially if you are in a prime scoring area. You want to snap a shot so quick that the defenseman, or the goalie, doesn’t have enough time to react.

Thanks to the xPasser, you can practice this scenario over and over again. Watch as trainer Pavel Barber shows you how to utilize the training tool to quicken your snap shot release.

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Ultimate Gifts: xDangler


At xHockeyProducts, we are players. We know what each player of each skill level needs in their training arsenal because we’ve been in there shoes (or skates). We also know which of our items make the best hockey gifts for every holiday.

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