Dion Phaneuf–Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication

dion phaneuf

Dion PhaneufAs soon as I got the call from Burkie (Brian Burke) to welcome me to the Toronto Maple Leafs, I was extremely excited to get there. And then, when I landed and I was driving downtown that night, I could feel it — the passion of the fans. It’s an honour to play for an Original Six team and a team that has the history and the rich tradition that the Toronto Maple Leafs have. There’s no support like the support that the Leafs have, and you see that when you’re on the road and half the building is blue and white, so, it’s a special, special organization to be a part. It was a great organization to play for from day one when I got there.

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Rick Vaive–Toronto Maple Leaf Hockey Club: Official Centennial Publication

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Rick VaiveGrowing up in P.E.I., we watched ‘Hockey Night in Canada’ on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It was always the Leafs or the Canadiens who were playing. As a child, you think, “Wow! If I could play for one of those two teams, it would be amazing!” To wear the Maple Leaf on the front of the sweater for that length of time was pretty amazing. An Original Six team; a historic franchise. Sometimes you had to pinch yourself because you didn’t know whether it was real or not.

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Shooting for the Corners

ez goal

There’s nothing more annoying than having to chase down a loose ball or puck after you missed the corner target of the net. Not only are you having to face the annoyance of possibly losing your ball or puck, you are wasting time running down the street or alley. Just think about the amount of shots you would be taking if you could bypass this step.

EZ Goal has found a solution. Thanks to the net tier that surrounds the goal, you won’t be losing any more pucks or balls. Also, training yourself to hit the corners becomes easier, as each corner of the net includes net spots that will catch the puck or ball, allowing you to really target your shots.

As trainer Pavel Barber shows us in this video, you can really work on shooting with help from the EZ Goal and xPasser.

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