Develop Your Backhand Shot

Just ask any goaltender: the backhand shot is the most deceptive and elusive.

Whether you’re on a breakaway or just getting the shot through traffic, the backhand might be the best go-to option.

However, because of the trickiness, it’s also the most difficult to get off. That’s why we’re here; watch as Pavel Barber shows you how to build up to the backhand.

Working on your stickhandling and passing is the best way to build up to a great backhand. As it is with any shot, wrist movement and strength is key.

As Pavel says:

The backhand shot is a really underrated shot. If you can have that one, you’ll be pretty dangerous out there.

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Bryce Salvador

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Bryce is a driving force behind xHockeyProducts™ and is the company Chairman. As a former NHL captain with two decades of professional hockey experience, Bryce uses his knowledge of the game and passion to develop the best hockey training aids and interactive equipment possible.

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