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When a player goes over the boards, his job is to contribute to the outcome of the game on OFFENSE and DEFENSE.

By systematically evaluating all of the contributions a player makes during a game, we create a true level of performance.

We call these individual contributions: PLAYS

All plays are scored on a sliding scale from positive to negative, with neutral forming the mid point. Over the course of a shift, a period, and a game, these various plays add up to form each player’s OVERALL contribution.

All of the defined skills and surrounding gameplay variables that make up each play are analyzed and systematically recorded. These details aggregate to form unique Player Profiles.

Photo: Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire

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The author TruPerformance

The TRUPERFORMANCE analysis model systematically captures player performance. This information reflects each player's in-game contributions. A contribution is made when a player either creates or denies an advantage. We refer to these contributions as PLAYS.

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