Covering the Entire Net

Gifted offensive players can do some tricky things.

Often, you will find yourself going from the post to the top of the crease, only to have slide across to the other post. This can occur in any situation, but it is often seen during penalty kills or 3-on-1 breakouts. This type of play can wreak havoc on a goaltender, especially if his defense isn’t reading the play well.

That’s why it is important to be versatile and ready for anything to happen. The only way to do that is to train for it.

Follow goalie A.J. as he completes this drill series in impeccable time, showing you how you can practice at home with the xCrease Goalie Slideboard.

Steady hands, early eyes, full rotation, back to the post, out to the dot.

It takes these skills and movements, along with hours of practice, to be able to master this drill. When you can, those 3-on-1 breaks won’t seem so insurmountable on the ice.

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