Improve Your Shot with Floorball Training

Just as a personal trainer will tell you that running or biking on a nice day will help you with your stamina in the weight room, the same can be said for ice hockey training on a floorball surface.

The mechanics are the same, no matter the surface. Whenever and wherever you can find time to train for hockey, you should take advantage. This goes as far as tying up the shoes and getting some floorball action in.

Trainer Pavel Barber walks you through some moves and drills to attempt the next time you are playing floorball (goalie not required, but it does help).

One of the shots he runs us through is the backhand slap shot, which is one of the trickier to master.

Set up the ball around the front of your foot like you would on a normal forehand slap shot and bring the hands closer together like you would on a golf swing. Try and hit the ball around the heel of the blade to try and maximize power and follow through completely.

Remember that any type of training is important to develop your on-ice game, so take advantage of floorball whenever you can.

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