Trade Secrets: The Off-Foot Snap Shot

Who better to learn from than Mark Messier?

The former NHL superstar and current Hall of Famer made a career out of getting himself open and tricking goaltenders for goals no one would even attempt. That’s without even mentioning his supreme passing ability.

One aspect of the game that Messier perfected was the off-foot snap shot, which has become common place in the higher leagues nowadays. Although it has become more prevalent since his time, it doesn’t mean it’s an easy move to pull off.

Former NHL centerman and BASE Hockey vice president Cliff Ronning shows you how to practice and perform the off-foot snap shot.

It’s a shot that can fool defenders and goaltenders. It can be utilized for a quick shot on net, or to trick the netminder into thinking you’re ready to rip it, setting you up for a perfect switch to the backhand for an almost-sure goal.

As Ronning points out:

The more the player leans on the stick, the higher the backfoot kicks up to keep your balance.

You can check out more from Ronning at the BASE Hockey website.

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