Your Evasive Weapon: The One-Timer

One of the hardest shots to stop for a goaltender is a well-placed one-timer. Similar to the backhand, it’s a skill that is difficult to master; however, once you do, you won’t be stopped.

If you and your teammates work on this in practice, you’ll become better acquainted with where your teammates typically place passes, as well as which teammates usually elect to shoot.

However, the one-timer has historically been a difficult skill to conquer due to the inability to work on it when by yourself. Thanks to the xPasser, though. you can hone your skills whether at practice or skating by yourself.

Trainer Pavel Barber shows you how it’s done.

Keep in mind that pass and shot placement aren’t the only techniques being worked in this drill. Barber states one important detail when working on your one-timer:

Footwork is very important, so make sure your feet are ready to adjust in case the pass is a little off target. Get comfortable shooting in these uncomfortable positions, because in games, you won’t always get that perfect pass to tee up and take that one-time clapper.

As you can see, this can also be a great drill for goaltenders, as it works on his lateral movement and rebound recovery (if adding a second shooter). So don’t be afraid to add a netminder to not only work his game, but keep you attempting to hit different targets in the net.

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