Attack the Ice: Butterfly Recoveries

The xCrease Goalie Slideboard is the perfect tool for any goalie to utilize when training to be technically and positionally sound on the ice.

When using the xCrease, it’s important to maintain a good time from start to finish, but it’s most important to focus on your recovery in the butterfly position.

Watch as A.J. shows you how to run this drill.

As noted, keeping the stick at the upright position, and not angling it to your side, is vital in this drill. Obviously, it can be practiced without worry of where the stick goes, but you’ll be missing the point altogether; run the drill to maintain your position so you will do the same during games.

As the video points out, this drill will vastly improve your positioning.

Remember, he’s stopping at about a 3 inch surface. If he’s off on his rotation, (or) he’s off on his angle (or) he’s off on his squareness, he will miss the puck and fall down. 

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