Work Your Slide, Push Off and Up Movement

It’s a tiresome effort, but someone has to do it.

Every time you strap on the pads, you are ensuring that you will be a tired individual by day’s end. The constant movement in (and out of) the crease is enough to tire anyone, no matter how in shape they are.

The only way to improve your endurance is to constantly work at it, whether on the ice or off of it. With the xCrease Goalie Slideboard, you can buckle up the leg pads and put yourself to work whenever you want to tire yourself out (in a good way).

Here, AJ shows you how to work on the basics of movement in the crease.

As the voiceover suggests, it’s important to treat this as if you are playing in a game. “Early eyes” is a term you hear often, and it’s something coaches will stress. Remember to always know your next move before you make it. Also, keep your stick in the area you would normally keep it when moving side to side.

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