Prep Like the Pros with the ProHockey Locker and Bench

When you arrive home from a tough night at the rink, it’s easy to just take your bag and throw it in the corner until your next game. When that time comes, though, you probably think to yourself, I wish I would have set this stuff out to dry.

It isn’t easy to get yourself in the mindset to do this after hard-fought games; the first thought on your mind is hitting the couch for the evening. The only way to truly motivate yourself to hang your pads out the right way is to have a setup like you might see in the professional leagues.

Introducing the ProHockey Locker and ProBench. These items are great for the hockey player looking to keep his or her pads dry and in the correct order. There’s a method that professional trainers use for the players’ equipment in order to keep their gear fresh and dry. It all starts with the locker room setup.

Watch as myself and former NHL goaltender Peter Ing describe how to install the ProHockey Locker and ProBench, as well as the perks of having this in your own home.

As we explained, the ProHockey Locker and ProBench can be customized to fit your needs. If you want to go all out and add your own colors or logos, you can purchase unfinished sets. Otherwise, the finished sets provide you with a professional look and feel.

Always remember: at xHockeyProducts, we are here to help you succeed. Whatever we can do to help customize this pro locker will be done. Customers from Canada or the U.S. can call our support team at 1-888-393-2008 for further assistance.

If you are going to train like a pro, live like a pro.

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Bryce Salvador

The author Bryce Salvador

Bryce is a driving force behind xHockeyProducts™ and is the company Chairman. As a former NHL captain with two decades of professional hockey experience, Bryce uses his knowledge of the game and passion to develop the best hockey training aids and interactive equipment possible.