xCrease Goalie Slideboard: Squaring Up Without Pads

The xCrease Goalie Slideboard can be used whether you are using full pads or none at all. Imagine attempting to work on your angles on the ice without pads.

As you can see in the following video, A.J. slides from position to position with ease, using only his shoes while holding his regular goaltending stance.

In order for this to improve your game, it is imperative to keep that stance throughout the drill. A.J. does just this throughout this video.

Hands are steady, hips are nice and low. [He’s in a] solid base, finding his squareness on every single push.

This drill is intended to take time to perfect, so don’t worry if you can’t get to the qualifying time in your first few tries. A.J.’s best at 10 seconds is a remarkable feat; if you reach that, you are more than ready to move onto another xCrease Goalie Slideboard drill.

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