xCrease Slideboard Drill: Hybrid & Net-Play Wraps

The xCrease Slideboard helps you train for every facet of the game, from butterfly recoveries to going post-to-post on a wraparound.

As we’ve seen in the xCrease Goalie Slideboard Drill Series, trainer AJ has worked on his positioning and knows these drills better than anyone else. That’s the result of training constantly.

In the video, you can see AJ perform this drill outstandingly, going from hybrid to each marker, then back to the post.

About halfway through the video, you see the drill becomes slightly more difficult as a paddle-down wrap is included. It’s important to note that A.J. is utilizing consistent pushes, giving him prime position each time for the paddle-down wrap.

Another vital note, as you’ve probably noticed in all other xCrease Goalie Slideboard drills, is that A.J. is moving his feet in the same pattern. The push off and the glide through are of the same type each time.

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