A Goalie Bag Made for Goalies

Sure, the skaters on your team complain about how wet their pads feel when they put them on before your games (this can even occur when some of the pads have been washed). If only they knew what it was like for goalies, you often find yourself saying.

You sweat when you are in goal. A lot. You need something to carry your equipment that won’t just bundle it all up in one finite spot, allowing moisture to sit for hours, sometimes days, at a time.

Meet the Grit GT3 Sumo goalie bag.

You may have already heard about how great the Grit bags are. These bags not only have venting areas throughout the back of the bag to help wick away moisture, but they allow for you to store your pads in different compartments, so that your sweaty blocker isn’t rubbing up against your wet chest & arms protection.

It’s not just a zipper across the top of the bag, either. The zipper design allows for a full open as the bag stands tall in front of you, making grabbing the pad you want to put on next a cinch.

In this video, I explain the perks of owning a Grit GT3 Sumo goalie bag.

As you can see, the three-wheel system even allows for easy transport, so you’re not lugging your pads around on your shoulder or fighting with one of those two-wheel bags the whole way to the locker room.

And we all know that the sweatiest pads there are can be the leg pads. Allowing for simple venting through the back of the bag simply isn’t enough, is it? Imagine allowing them to hang dry 24 hours per day.

Best of all, you can attach your pads to the front of your bag, by hanging them from the sturdy nylon quick-release shock cords.

Of course we are looking out for the goalies in the Canada and the U.S., so be sure to check out the appropriate site for where you live and learn the beauty of owning a Grit Sumo bag of your own.

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