Protect The Puck Against Multiple Obstacles Drill

We’ve shown you multiple hockey drills to run in your camps and practices. Many of them focus on skating and stickhandling ability, while also featuring an important focus on puck protection and skating with the puck close to the player’s body.

The next edition of our hockey drills is no exception. Players need to be able to skate in all three zones with a mindset that anyone can attempt to take the puck from you at any time. Keeping the puck close to one’s body is not only a required skill each player should possess, but a way of thinking in camp, practice and regular games. Straying away from this could be detrimental to a player’s development, as well as the team’s chances of winning important games.

Watch as we run another puck-protection drill, this time using two xPassers and one attack triangle.

Notice how the player is staying tight to the obstacle? There are no wide turns in this drill; each player should use the xPassers and the Attack Triangle as close-range opponents, using puck shielding as a vital act throughout the drill.

Coaches will want to note the following:

  • How quickly is the player reacting to the pass return from the xPasser? This is a quick-moving drill — the player should already be moving his or her legs by the time the puck bounces off the xPasser. A quick reaction while thrusting forward is a key component of this drill.
  • Is he or she taking tight turns? As mentioned above, the most important aspect of this drill is puck possession and quick, tight turns. If the player is making wide turns, make them start over. Falling is ok for the young guys or gals; it will only make them better.
  • Is the player making the extra move before shooting? When the player ends his or her turn around the final xPasser, he or she should be preparing for a hard wrist shot. However, there needs to be one more move of the stick before the shot can be taken. This is simply showing the defenseman the puck, making him or her believe a shot is coming before it actually does. As you notice in games of all levels, this is a common move that often works.

We will be posting more hockey drills in the following weeks to help you prepare for hockey season. Make sure to check back often and thanks for watching!

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