Shooting for the Corners

There’s nothing more annoying than having to chase down a loose ball or puck after you missed the corner target of the net. Not only are you having to face the annoyance of possibly losing your ball or puck, you are wasting time running down the street or alley. Just think about the amount of shots you would be taking if you could bypass this step.

EZ Goal has found a solution. Thanks to the net tier that surrounds the goal, you won’t be losing any more pucks or balls. Also, training yourself to hit the corners becomes easier, as each corner of the net includes net spots that will catch the puck or ball, allowing you to really target your shots.

As trainer Pavel Barber shows us in this video, you can really work on shooting with help from the EZ Goal and xPasser.

Barber is a skilled marksman with his shots, but even he can miss the corner when training (think about how many times professional hockey players have missed corners in their careers). Barber explains why this training aid is perfect for anyone looking to shoot in their spare time.

With this training aid, we don’t have to be afraid to shoot for those corners because we have the two side panels and the top meshing, which means we won’t be losing any time chasing pucks.

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