5 Christmas Gifts for the Hockey Family

We don’t mean to worry you, but Christmas is only 54 days away! At xHockeyProducts, we like to think ahead. Think about it: if you want to find hockey Christmas gifts for your family, it needs to be perfect, right? After all, perfection takes precise planning.

No matter the family size, the following are gifts designed to give everyone in your household a Merry Christmas. What better gift is there than the gift of playing hockey together?

5. Edge Again Skate Sharpeneredge_again-double-pro-player-kit-120

Are there better hockey Christmas gifts than the practical ones? The kids may not open this up Christmas morning and jump for joy, but this present will make your lives a lot easier. Making numerous trips to the local pro shop to sharpen everyone’s skates in your household will be a thing of the past.

Available in player (U.S. / Canada) and goalie (U.S. / Canada), the Edge Again Skate Sharpener will cut down on your skate-sharpening costs, while also providing a useful learning activity to young hockey players.

Edge Again also offers manual skate sharpeners (U.S. / Canada), which can make nice stocking stuffers or Secret Santa presents.

4. Home Training Facility


Transform your garage, basement or backyard in to a hockey training mecca and you’ll soon have the whole family practicing their shot, sauce, and dangles from the moment they wake up!

You will want to get started with a target and something that will protect your walls. Some hockey tarps provide you with both protection and a target, such as the Sniper’s Edge Shooting Tarp (Canada) but if you are using a regular hockey goal, hanging a regular tarp or canvas will give you something you can take down while providing that protection from your family’s hardest shots.

You may even want to go all-out and build permanent boards so you can really feel like you’re at the rink. Not surprisingly, xHockeyProducts has you covered for tarps & targets, goals & backstops, and even dasher board solutions.

Once you’ve got your walls protected, it is time to think of the surface. With all the amazing training pucks and balls on the market today, all you need is smooth & hard surface for the basics. However a shooting pad or flooring tiles allows you to train with pucks and get a feel closer to ice. Our xTiles (Canada) are the best dryland training tiles on the market for a reason – their size and interlocking system creates the smoothest surface out there. Laying down some synthetic ice will actually allow you to skate on the tiles (but more on that later).

This basement conversion is complete with xSynethetic Ice, dasher boards, and training aids that include xPassers and xDeviators.
This basement conversion is complete with xSynthetic Ice, dasher boards, and training aids that include xPassers and xDeviators.

Now you’ll want to introduce some training tools and obstacles that will allow your family to take their training to another level. Our new xPuck Passer Pro (Canada) is probably the coolest thing you can add to your home facility – it’s hockey’s version of a baseball pitching machine and adds another dimension to your training. However, there are many training aids at every price point that allow you to practice your shot, stickhandling and passing skills.

xHockeyProducts has a number of packages and deals (Canada) available that will get you set up with surfaces, hockey training aids (Canada) and the rest of your home hockey training center (Canada) needs.

Your family has seen our training professionals, Pavel Barber, Jamie Rivers and Sean Ferrell, in action with the xHockeyProducts lineup, now it’s time to do these drills at home!

3. SuperDeker


As parents, you love games that happen to be educational and informative (cue the Kix Cereal slogan). The SuperDeker is the equivalent to this for the hockey family.

The SuperDeker is an exciting game that vastly improves your hand-eye coordination, while challenging your hockey skills. The best part — it’s fun for players and fans of all ages!

Need more proof that this is one of the great hockey Christmas gifts of all-time? Even the keeper of the Cup recommends this multi-player game:

“SuperDeker will score every time with fans, players and clients! Personally I think it is one of the best interactive games out there today. People of all ages, skill level or interest level will have a great time playing SuperDeker.”

– Phil Pritchard, Vice President and Curator of the Hockey Hall of Fame

2. xSynthetic Ice

Although there are plenty of options to get an on-ice feel, the best option for ice (without actually having ice) is xSynthetic Ice, exclusively sold at xHockeyProducts. Available in different sizes and cost points (with certain features added as the price increases), xSynthetic Ice is a perfect addition to your home training center, or just a nice addition to any backyard or basement. Yes, xSynthetic can be used outdoors or indoors.

Take a look at the BB-8 flooring (U.S. / Canada). At only $52 per tile, you can customize your rink to play on any flat surface. With UV protection, the BB-8 flooring is an affordable option for the hockey lovers looking to get the most out of their outdoor play.

If you’re looking for something even cheaper, the xPlastic Flooring (U.S. / Canada) is sold 4 ft. x 8 ft. at $234.95 per item. Just a few of those will put an offensive zone in your basement or garage.

Strap on the skates and get going anytime with this unbelievably realistic product. However, if you are really looking to make an impression this Christmas, you will need to read the best option for a Christmas present for your family …

1. Build a Backyard Rink

photo courtesy Pinterest

It’s been a dream of every hockey parent and child at some point in their lives. It’s time to make it a reality.

Accompany this with the No. 2 option on this list (xSynthetic Ice), and you have everything you need for the perfect backyard rink that will withstand even the warmest climates. Building a backyard rink with synthetic ice seems like the most expensive thing you could do — what if I told you a mini synthetic ice rink could be done for about $1,000? That sounds a lot more affordable than you thought!

The PROStall
The PROStall

The best part about building your own rink is making calls on the entire look and feel. Do you want boards? We recommend you check out the mini wall or a full pro wall. There are plenty of options to help you decide what fits you and your family best.

If you really want to go all out, consider some locker room additions to a bedroom, garage or storage area. The PROStall, made in Canada, provides you with a changing area that matches the comfort of any locker room in North America. Check out our post and video about PROHockey gear to learn more.

Everything that you’ll need to make this dream a reality can be found here. Truly, this is the best of the hockey Christmas gifts, as it will last your family a lifetime!

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