10 Hockey Stocking Stuffers You Need

Stockings are a cherished tradition by people of all ages. However, with hockey gear so large, it’s difficult to find top-notch hockey stocking stuffers for players of all ages.

Some of my favorite stocking stuffers as a child had to do with the beloved sport. I still recall finding signed pucks, rolls of tape and other valuables as a child, going along well with my other hockey-related gifts that I received.

How can you make this holiday memorable for the hockey fan or player in your life? Just check out this list of the best hockey stocking stuffers money can buy.

10. Precision Pro League Floorball


There’s nothing like hours of fun just after presents are opened. The Precision Pro League Floorball, with the color randomly selected at purchase, is lightweight and colorful, allowing for play in the dimmest of light.

Precision Pro League Floorball isn’t just for kicks, though. This floorball works great as a training tool for stickhandling, passing and shooting.

Accompany this with a big present, a selection from our exclusive Gretzky floorball collection, and Christmas 2016 will be one your family or friends never forget.

hockeyhandzfr9. Hockey Handz All Natural Waterless Hand Sanitizer

Every hockey player (and everyone who knows a hockey player), knows where the source of that hockey stink comes from: the hands! Removing the smell right away will benefit everyone around the hockey player.

Hockey Handz Sanitizer uses powerful oil formula from tea trees, peppermint and witch hazel oils. It’s extremely gentle on your skin but don’t be fooled; it’s a powerful weapon on hockey stink.

8. Mold Monster – Deodorizer Spray

Hockey players often try deodorizer sprays, but they seldom work properly. Finally, there ‘s one that is proven to operate at full capacity.

Mold Monster doesn’t use bleach, silver ions, ammonia or alcohols and completely all-natural and chemical free! Get rid of that mold and mildew on all the hockey fabric, plastic, foam and vinyl products.

Not only is this proven to work, but it is environmentally friendly.

7. ButtEndz with Grip & Fire Drip Line

Everybody needs a butt end for their stick. ButtEndz eliminates the need for an involved tape job.

The Grey FUSION Grip is designed for players who prefer a shorter grip and a smaller knob, while the Black TWIRL Grip incorporates 144 individually raised pods to make for an excellent grip.

You’ll instantly notice a difference with ButtEndz. Here is what you can expect with either of these options:

  • Enhanced feel when stick handling.
  • A consistent feel for your top hand, EVERY time.
  • Reduced grip pressure in the top hand; promoting harder, more accurate shots.
  • Reduced vibration when shooting and receiving passes.
  • Reduced wear to the palms of your gloves.

6. Pucks & Balls – Training and Recreational Use

Any hockey player will tell you that you can never go wrong with a puck or a ball as a stocking stuffer. After all, we are always losing them over the glass, in the benches or, for the street hockey players, in the sewer.

If you’re looking for a training puck, the xHockeyProducts Green Biscuit puck helps develop backhand, forehand, one-touch, saucer and drop passing. It works on almost any surface, making it a truly multi-dimensional training tool.

The xFly Off Ice puck is also a fine option. The xFly emulates an on-ice puck, designed to match the weight, glide and feel of a regulation puck. Whether training in the street or basement, this will make the player feel like he or she is always on ice.

We also carry regulation black ice hockey pucks (non-marking vs. regular marking), as well as stickhandling, outdoor and reaction balls for proper training.

proformance-stick-wax5. Stick Wax

Extending the life of sticks, stick wax is always a nice option for hockey players on any gift-giving occasion.

With wax, sticks will not freeze up on the ice, as snow and ice build-up is minimal. Grip is improved, as tackiness provides the player a feel that spans across multiple games before needing to re-apply.

Proformance Wax is a fine option if you have an idea what the player you are buying for prefers. Choose between four different levels to provide the player with the attribute he or she prefers.

Pro Guard Blade Butter Stick Wax insulates the wax from external debris and breakage, while also improving shot speeds and puck control. It comes in one option, if you’re unsure what your player prefers.

4. Goalie Reaction Ball

Whether buying for a goaltender or a skater, the Goalie Reaction Ball is the perfect tool for players to use pre- and post-game, as well as during any workout routine.

The ball will help a player’s vision, focus, hand-eye coordination and speed. You’ve seen the goalies bouncing tennis balls off walls before games; this takes that concept to a whole new level.

The ball attaches to your wrist or waist. You throw it and it will slingshot back to you, making you focus on trapping the ball in your hand, glove or body. The harder you throw, the harder it returns!

3. HockeyTUL Deluxe Multi-Tool V.20

hockeytul4_1No need to carry around multiple tools for all the repairs to every piece of equipment you may need to work on.

The HockeyTUL includes five fold-out tools to help you maintain your gear properly. This includes a sharpening stone, helmet repair, lace tightener, pliers for pulling frayed laces through eyelets, scissors for tape, bottle opener and a carrying case.

This is safe for players of all ages, as there are no blades and the scissors are rounded at the edges.

All players use tape on their sticks
All players use tape on their sticks

2. Rolls of Tape

Tape is always a fine option for hockey players of any levels. They’ll always need it and they can never have enough of it.

Regular blade tape is available in black or white, while poly shin guard tape comes in the usual clear shade. A great option is the Howies Cloth Hockey Tape Case, which provides plenty of hockey tape to be gifted across multiple Christmases!

Remember that a roll of tape comes free with a purchase of $75 or more.

1. Autographed Pucks

Tuukka Rask
Tuukka Rask

If you want a gift that truly lasts forever, it’s an autographed puck from a current or retired NHL player.

From Patrick Kane and Auston Matthews to Luc Robitaille and Pavel Bure, xHockeyProducts has a wide selection of autographed pucks to go along with any fan’s dream gift exchange.

If you’re still looking for a top-notch gift for the American hockey fan or the Maple Leafs fan, this framed Auston Matthews puck and photo makes for an excellent gift outside of the stocking.

Also, don’t forget to pick up a set of our xHockeyProducts signed pucks, John Hancocked by our own former NHLers, Bryce Salvador and Peter Ing.

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