Back Heel Drag Shot Changes Your Angle

Even the world’s best goalies allow goals when the puck is moving side-to-side, whether it’s right in front of the crease or along with slot area. We’ve seen supreme passing lead to some excellent goals.

However, you don’t always have a teammate open for a pass and you know you can’t force passes in the middle. So how do you change the angle on the perennial All-Star goalie to get him to open up?

The back heel drag shot is a favorite move of some of hockey’s elite stars. If done correctly, the goalie will lose his read of the potential shot and will have to refocus. If you can fire the puck in that instant, you’re sure to have an excellent scoring chance.

Watch as former NHL star Cliff Ronning shows you how to defeat a netminder with the back heel drag shot:

Ronning, now of Base Hockey, makes a few key points in this video.

Things to focus on are: pushing the puck forward so it sticks to the back heel … Don’t over stickhandle. This move works with speed to drive the defense backward.

This is a move that requires you to skate and stickhandle in one smooth motion; don’t overcomplicate it. Think about what your end goal is here: freeze opposing defensemen and to catch the goalie off guard. One move that delays your shot by just a few fractions of a second is all you need to make a difference in the game.

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