Christmas Gifts for the Hockey Fan

No matter the age or gender, there’s always a great set of Christmas gifts for the hockey fan in your life. After all, you can never go wrong with a hockey gift.

At xHockeyProducts, we don’t only focus on training for players, but also provide our hockey fans with a haven of incredible gear! Whether looking for jerseys, autographed merchandise or furniture, you will find just what you want at our Fans’ Zone.

Maybe you don’t know what you’re shopping for, you just know it has to be hockey. Well, we are here to help.

bbq-set5. Hat Trick BBQ Gear

You’ve probably heard about the movement to reuse composite hockey sticks for various objects, and Hat Trick BBQ (a division underneath the Requip’d umbrella) has taken that idea to the next level. If you know anyone who loves to grill, golf, eat ice cream or even someone who lives in a cold climate, Hat Trick BBQ has the perfect gift for you to give!

As many hockey fans know, carbon composite sticks are durable and can take some punishment. That’s why these recycled items are perfect for many of the tough jobs we face every day.

Also remember that when you buy Hat Trick BBQ gear, you are keeping sticks out of landfills and giving them a new life!

goal_light_14. Goal Light

There’s nothing quite like the sound of the goal horn when you’re favorite team pots a goal in a thrilling contest. Being at the arena and witnessing it in person is even better.

You can enjoy some of that thrill when you use the Goal Light. Using Bluetooth capabilities, the Goal Light syncs with your favorite team’s broadcast and goes off when your team lights the lamp! The best part: it’s fully customizable to match your team’s goal horn.

Available in two different styles (a caged light or non-caged version), the Goal Light can be mounted and placed anywhere in your home.

When you can’t make the game, you can still feel the game.

fathead3. NHL Fathead

Back in the days of standard televisions, home phones and cars that you actually had to park yourself, posters of your favorite sports stars hung from your walls. But wall art has improved, much like how TV and automatic-parking cars have. Forget about a background; just grab that player and stick him on your wall!

Fatheads really help a room pop. When you walk in and see a 6-foot-tall Jonathan Toews staring back at you, there’s just something that makes you feel like a true fan. The best part about Fatheads are that they can be taken down and reapplied to any smooth surface. So if you plan to move (or simply can’t decide where to place your favorite player), you can keep him moving room-to-room.

2. Muskoka / Adirondack NHL Jersey Chair


We’ve already mentioned the glorious things people have done with broken hockey sticks. Let’s keep the reusing-recycled-material train rolling. These comfortable and moisture-resistant high-density, polyethylene plastic chairs are made from 95 percent recycled materials.

They look great on any patio, deck or inside. These are 100 percent approved for man cave and bachelor pad use!

Choose from all 30 NHL teams and start relaxing in your team’s style.

karlsson1. Autographed Jerseys

The ultimate NHL fan deserves the ultimate present: a signed jersey!

It’s every fan’s dream to own an authentic jersey that they know their favorite player has also handled. Make that fan’s Christmas present one he or she will never forget. You can choose between our jerseys that come with a glass case, or our sweaters that come without the case, allowing you to choose what you do with it.

At xHockeyProducts, we don’t just have the names everyone else has. From Sidney Crosby and Connor McDavid to Marian Gaborik and Brendan Gallagher, current players are well represented. However, we also have jerseys from superstar NHL alumni, including Paul Coffey, Steve Yzerman and the late Gordie Howe.

There isn’t one hockey fan who wouldn’t appreciate his or her own autographed jersey. It’s on every NHL fan’s wish list … including mine.

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