Gifts for the Beginner Hockey Player

If you know someone just getting into our sport, you should make their Christmas morning his or her next step into betterment on the ice rink. Whether a child or a grown adult just getting into the game, our gifts for the beginner player will be a hit around the Christmas tree.

Your options when buying for a beginner are truly unlimited. Every new player wants all he or she can find in order to better themselves in all aspects of the game. However, xHockeyProducts will help you narrow down your search and pinpoint exactly what that new player needs.

Hockey Goals and Tarps

ezgoal-pro-foldingAlthough we stress the importance of every hockey attribute, every new player just wants to rip shots at an empty net to get a feel of what they see on TV or at the rink. Indulge them in this with their own goal and/or tarp.

There are plenty of options for goals. You should consider what is important to you and the person you are buying for — is storage space an issue? Check out our EZ Goal Pro Folding Hockey Goal (pictured right). Does the player want what the pros shoot at? There’s always the Official NHL Regulation Goal. Is your new player a mighty mite? Consider our Mini-Mite Portable Hockey Goal.

Shooting tarps are a vital accessory because it teaches new players to pick corners and find holes. Accompany your net with one of our tarps for true skill training from the git go. Check out our Ultimate Goalie tarp for a basic view of a goaltender, or try our Rick-O-Shay Goal Blocker, which creates a bounce-back effect that mirrors rebounds off an actual netminder.

shooting-padShooting Pad

Any seasoned player will tell you that shooting on the ice is far different from shooting on any other surface. Just because your young player can rip an inline puck or ball doesn’t mean that he or she will be able to emulate that skill on the ice. That’s why it’s important to include one of our shooting pads when training.

These all-plastic-constructed boards create a slide effect for the puck, all while being heavily durable and lightweight. Many of these include finger holes for easy transportation, such as the Large Shooting Pad. Even without the finger holes, though, these shooting pads are easy to carry and load into any car, van or truck if transporting.


Alright, we covered what your new player needs to practice shot aim and speed. Now, it’s time for an equally important skill: passing.

One of the best training aids on the market, the xPasser is a portable passing teammate. All the player does is slide the puck toward the xPasser, and the spring-like effect of the aid sends the puck right back to the player’s blade. This tool helps players make smarter passes (since a good pass to the xPasser will send it right back in the same way to the player), and it helps in pass reception — an underrated attribute. The player’s vision and dexterity are vastly improved when spending multitudes of time with the xPasser.

There are two versions of the xPasser — the 1.0 is one-sided while the 2.0 allows for multiple players to use at the same time (while also providing an excellent obstacle during drills and training).


After taking a look at the Shooting Pads above, you may come to the same conclusion many have: if shooting is so different on and off the ice, skating is a whole other animal!

Sure, the young or beginning player can pick up plenty of tricks with strapping on the roller blades, but the general sliding and skidding of steel on ice can usually only be matched with the real thing. However, our xSlideboards provide you with this feel, helping players improve reaction time, on-a-dime stopping ability and acceleration.

xslideboardThe xBooties and xSlideboard End Stops help the player move like he or she would on the ice, allowing the player to enhance his or her skating ability and bring it to the next level. It’s the perfect tool to teach prospective players the many ins and outs of skating.

green-biscuitDryland Training Pucks/Balls

The essentials for any hockey player’s training regime are at the core of the game: a stick and balls or pucks. In order for your new player to hone his or her skills, you need to supply him or her with the type of ball or puck that can handle the surface that is being used.

These are great gifts for the beginner and can even fit in his or her stocking!

There are plenty of options to choose from, but the xStickhandling Hockey Package allows you to sample them all! You can try the FlyPucks, Hockey Vision, Smart Hockey and xBalls to truly up your stickhandling and passing game.


We can’t rave about the SuperDeker enough. Not only is it a great tool to learn how to stickhandle properly, but it’s an interactive game that forces you to improve your speed!

Already a featured item in our Christmas Gifts for the Hockey Family post, the SuperDeker will provide your beginner hockey player, as well as anyone else in your household, hours of entertainment. Keep track of your time and try to beat it. Take on others and get a challenging — yet fun — competition started.

xDeviator Mini & 1.0

After shooting and passing, there is another important aspect of the game that players will need to grow comfortable with – stickhandling. The xDeviator is a tool used by beginners, veterans and pros of the game. It helps players work through obstacles with the puck, creating in-game obstacles like a defender’s stick or skates.

The xDeviator provides hours of training and entertainment, and is available in a mini version, a full version, and a single-bridge version (as seen used by the Sedins in the video above). Players can use it for enhanced stickhandling drills, or simply for trying out the move they saw their favorite NHL player pull off.

grit youth hyseGrit Youth Tower Bag with Wheels

For a young player just getting into the game, he or she may not remember where everything goes when they are dressing out in the locker room. Why not help them stay organized and remember where everything goes?

Grit bags are more than just your run-of-the-mill hockey bags. With compartments throughout and a ventilated backing to keep gear fresh, the Grit Youth Tower Bags are everything a young player could need. They stand tall, like a locker, when the player is changing and the shelves are adjustable to fit players of every size.

The bag is also on wheels, meaning that you don’t need to lug the pads for the player any longer — it’s the player’s responsibility now!

Learn more about Grit bags and there enormous perks here.

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