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The hockey player you are buying for knows he or she isn’t going to have scouts at games. He or she is also too old to be considered a beginner or playing at an intermediate level. So how do you find gifts for adult league hockey players?

It’s not an easy task as adult leaguers have different desires for their game than younger players, who are always hopeful to one day be playing juniors, college or beyond.

The items below are tried and true gifts for hockey players who consider themselves weekend warriors and weeknight sensations.

ultratacksskate_1_1CCM Ultra Tacks Skates

No matter the level of play, hockey players are always looking for one thing in their skates: the ability to deliver top-end speed. The Ultra Tacks do just that at a much lower price than other top-end skates.

These skates are extremely light, allowing for explosive strides and powerful cornering. The premium composite outsole is built to last, allowing for maximum pressure to be placed on it without worry about cracking or breaking. The AttackFrame quarter package technology offers a pro-designed carbon composite boot frame to help the skate remain sturdy and reliable.

The TotalDri liner will keep the feet dry, making the skate ideal for long games or tournaments. the weekend warrior will not be disappointed.

Picture courtesy Bauer Hockey
Picture courtesy Bauer Hockey

Bauer Vapor 1X Stick

Many adult leaguers are gear junkies; they see their favorite players using certain equipment and want the same for their game.

The Bauer Vapor 1X stick is used by NHLers Ryan Getzlaf (ANA), Claude Giroux (PHI) and Patrick Kane (CHI), among others. It is used by these high-end skaters because of its lightning-quick release and ultimate feel when handling the puck.

The low kick point suggests that players will instantly see improvement in their snapshots and one-timers, while the eLASTech Resin enhances the stick’s durability by 30 percent.

XHP Slideboard

XHP Slideboards helps players improve their leg strength and lateral movement. You have multiple options here, but the best bet may be the Adjustable Slideboard, which allows players to change the training surface anywhere from 4 feet to 10 feet in 1 foot increments.

The beauty of the slideboard is it fills the needs of so many adult league hockey players. How many times have they said I just can’t find a workout I enjoy besides hockey? This is the answer to their problems as the slideboard incorporates hockey movement into an everyday workout.

Goalie Reaction Ball

Whether buying for a goaltender or a skater, the Goalie Reaction Ball is the perfect tool for players to use pre- and post-game, as well as during any workout routine.

The ball will help a player’s vision, focus, hand-eye coordination and speed. You’ve seen the goalies bouncing tennis balls off walls before games; this takes that concept to a whole new level.

The ball attaches to your wrist or waist. You throw it and it will slingshot back to you, making you focus on trapping the ball in your hand, glove or body. The harder you throw, the harder it returns!

shooting-boardXHP Large Shooting Pad

One thing that elite-level adult leaguers have in common with the professionals is shooting ability; some adult league players can fire the puck up to 90 miles per hour.

Whether you’re buying gifts for adult league hockey players with mediocre or elite shooting level, the player can always hone his or her shot to perfection at home. The Large Shooting Pad provides players with an on-ice feel without danger of scuffing up his or her sticks. The plastic construction is safe for sticks — and floors — and is easily transportable indoors or outdoors.

x-flypuck_1_2xFly Puck

Accompany your shooting pad with the xFly Puck, which truly provides an on-ice feel. Even on rougher surfaces, including concrete or roller tiles, the xFly Puck glides like an ice puck and allows players to practice stickhandling year round.

The xFly Puck weighs the same as an ice puck and provides the same training benefits you would get if working on an ice rink.

xTargets & Hockey Goal

Your adult leaguer probably wants something to shoot at, right? Check out the wide selection of hockey goals we offer, including the EZ Goal Pro Folding Goal, which is collapsible, making it ideal for storage. If your adult leaguer wants a regulation NHL goal, you can gift him or her that, as well.

We also have numerous options for tarps and targets, but the favorite option is the xTargets package. These are easily hung across the goal, allowing the shooter to choose where he or she is going to aim. This brings a new element to shooting for the corners, as players can hit exact spots and not just the same four spots every time he or she shoots.

Feature photo courtesy Michelle Bjork | Flickr

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