Gifts for the Intermediate-Level Hockey Player

We’ve already gone over the gifts you can buy for beginners and goalies, but what about gifts for the hockey player who has been skating strong for a few years?

We all know the scrappy preteen who has high aspirations for him or herself on the hockey rink. Help the player along with a Christmas gift from our extensive store of trainers and other important equipment.

After all, there’s no better gift than one that stretches the envelope a bit further in a young player’s development.


We can’t stress enough the importance of the xPasser in any player’s development (and that spans from beginners to pros). The xPasser is designed to accept a pass from the player, then return it in the same fashion (speed and consistency).

It’s one of the best gifts for the hockey player to use when developing passing, as well as players who are wanting to run drills without a teammate present. Coaches use the xPasser in multiple drills, as it functions as a teammate and a larger obstacle than a cone.

The xPasser comes in two versions: the xPasser 1.0, which features one side for passing, and the xPasser 2.0, which includes dual sides for passing, allowing for multiple players to use it at once.

hockey-wraparound-iceHockey WrapAround ICE

Kids, and even some adults, always want to use their No. 1 stick when they play street or inline hockey. However, as someone who went through wood stick after wood stick growing up, I can’t even begin to tell you how harmful this is to those $150 composite sticks.

Luckily, there is a solution.

The creators of Hockey WrapAround ICE have been through the motions themselves; street hockey, whether for entertainment or off-ice training, can be hazardous to a player’s favorite stick. WrapAround actually wraps the blade of the stick, making it playable on any surface!

The plastic wraps surround the blade, but do not cover the center, leaving it open for an on-ice feel when the player handles, shoots and passes the puck. This durable plastic tapers to fit any model stick and is extremely lightweight (weighing in around 39 grams).

Think about this, parents: for $29.95, you are prolonging a stick’s life, meaning you’ll be spending less throughout the years!

SpeedTrac X Radar Gunxradar

If the player you are buying for is shooting over 150 miles per hour (or 199 kilometers per hour), this isn’t a gift for him or her.

However, this makes a great gift for the non-Hulk people in the world. The SpeedTrac X Radar Gun is a hands-free device that clocks within 1-2 MPH (or 2-3 km/H). It has a feature to recall previous recordings, allowing players to review their previous shot’s speed.

The large red digital LED display makes it easy to view from far distances, allowing for instant feedback to the shooter.


A vital part to a player of intermediate level is understanding proper stickhandling techniques and keeping his or her head up. The xDeviator is the perfect tool for this aspect of the game, creating a physical obstacle for players to work through. It allows for speeds of all kinds, forcing players to want to work faster on each attempt.

This video perfectly demonstrates how the xDeviator can create hours of training — and fun — for your intermediate player.


xtargets1As players progress in their hockey careers, they learn to shoot for corners and posts in warmups and practice. This is an age-old ritual that current professionals use to this day.

However, players need to prepare themselves to shoot for every area in the net. Sometimes, a goalie is down and out and each post is covered by defensemen. The player with the puck will elect to shoot for just under the top bar. Although shooting for corners in practice will prepare for accuracy in this situation, providing the player with the opportunity to hit a target in any spot will better train his or her eye to find the open area and finish the play victorious.

Each pack comes complete with three xTargets that can be placed anywhere along the top bar.

Grit HTSE Wheeled Hockey Tower Bag

Back vents help with ventilation through pads
Back vents help with ventilation through pads

The days of throwing all pads in the middle of the bag and sorting through right before a game are starting to dissipate. Thanks to Grit bags, players can enjoy a portable locker before every game and practice.

The Grit HTSE wheeled bag allows players to build shelves within their bag, creating easy picking and proper ventilation (goodbye extremely stinky pads!). When the player is dressing, a foot pad is extended outward, allowing for proper skate care while putting on the rest of his or her pads.

Blade ports on the side keep a stick attached to the bag during carry, while the front pocket is big enough for a water bottle, pucks or blade tape.

An added bonus: the Grit HTSE’s structured frame allows the bag to completely collapse, making for easier and cheaper shipping.

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