Improve Your Stickhandling Strength & Technique

One thing that coaches will harp on players for is having strength on the puck. If you don’t improve your stickhandling strength, you will be easy to knock off the puck.

Opposing players learn quickly which skaters do not possess excellent stickhandling strength. They will keep a target on you and not allow you any room as you attempt to carry the puck.

Thanks to help from the xDeviator 1.0, trainer Pavel Barber has a drill for you to run by yourself to up your wrist strength, making it more difficult for opposing players to knock the puck off your stick.

As Barber walks you through this drill, he states one very important fact on why this drill will improve your game:

One-handed stickhandling is great for isolating proper technique of the top hand, as well as for adding great wrist strength to the hand that is responsible for most of the blade’s rotation.

Think of it this way: proper wrist strength will help you in all facets of the game. A quicker and more powerful one-handed poke check that misses the puck, but gets the opponent’s blade, may be enough to knock the puck away. It can also lead to more chances when one-one-one with the goalie. Imagine scoring a goal like this:

Continue to work on that wrist strength and you will begin seeing a whole other level of which you never knew you could reach.

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