The Ultimate Stickhandling Drill

You see it, but you can’t imagine doing it.

When Patrick Kane skates up the wing, uses a head fake and some nifty stickhandles to burst into the high slot, then he repeats to get to one of the faceoff circles and rips a shot top shelf to beat a helpless goaltender, you start to wonder if this guy is superhuman. How can he do that?

The answer is the same as to when someone asks you how you can skate: practice and pushing one to be better.

Although you may not remember, you had to push yourself as a child to grasp ice skating, shooting, passing and even basic stickhandling. It will just take even more work for you to become an elite stickhandler.

Watch this video from the official xHockeyProducts trainer, Pavel Barber, as he shows you a stickhandling drill to improve in this aspect of the game.

Barber is able to do this smoothly because of exhausting practice (and trust me, it is exhausting). Even he is pushing himself in the latter stages of this drill to improve his time and consistency.

The challenge does have a few rules and stipulations, though, in order to successfully complete it. As Barber states,

Be sure to include lots of starts and stops, and start by faking through at least one of them before going through the other. Then come back to the middle and repeat. You must go through all four of them and you can’t go through any of them more than once.

As hard as it may be, it is important to keep your head up. Even in the drill, your skate could inadvertently catch one of the xDeviator 1.0s and send you tumbling to the ice. The effect of that will be much worse in a real game, as the xDeviator 1.0 would be replaced by a potentially bruiting defenseman.

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