Train Harder With Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves

You’ve been eyeing the xCrease Goalie Slideboards at and, but you’re afraid that you could scuff up your pads. Also, how will your pads slide on the board, compared to how they move on the ice?

Although the xCrease Goalie Slideboards are designed to give you an on-ice feel, we get it. I know as well as anyone how much your leg pads mean to you. The last thing you want is a new black mark on the front of your leg pad from doing something that wasn’t making a big kick save.

This is why we developed the highly durable xHockeyProducts Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves. Although they are designed specifically with the xCrease Goalie Slideboard in mind, these polyester-based leg pad sleeves will protect your leg pads on most surfaces you decide to practice on (just avoid mountainsides and volcano formations!).

Hear about how these sleeves will perform for you during your next training regime.

The Goalie Leg Pad Sleeves are made to fit all leg pads snugly, allowing you to feel confident in your movements. The heavyweight poly-spandex elastic will not allow for any holes in coverage.

The heavy-duty polyester fabric includes state-of-the-art soil release, keeping your pads dry from sweat or water. So you’re not only covered from scuff marks, but any water build-up as well.

Included is our xHockeyProducts logo with each sleeve, allowing you to remember you are perfectly covered by us, where we are everything hockey!

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