Beat the Defender, Go 1-On-1 With the Goaltender

The xDangler Pro helps you train as if a defender was following your movement. That’s the type of training you won’t find anywhere else.

Using the xDangler and xTargets, trainer Pavel Barber walks you through a plethora of dekes and moves that you can attempt.

The xDangler is a high-tech barrier between you and the net. When you don’t have a defenseman to practice with, or if you’re a coach without a viable assistant, the xDangler fits in perfectly and makes players learn how to move past a moving object. It even provides legs and a stick to imitate a person.

The xDangler Pro can be used anywhere on the ice. Barber uses it in this drill as a waiting defenseman in the slot, but you could move the xDangler to the side of the net on top of the crease, allowing you to work on wrap-arounds or plays where you are skating from the corner.

The perfect tool to work on beating a defender even comes with different speeds, allowing for different skill levels. As Barber states,

A good idea is to start off at a slow speed at the beginning, and then begin to increase your speed as you get better.

As always, make sure to keep your head up when doing this drill. As a defenseman might do, the xDangler could easily receive a two-minute penalty for tripping if you aren’t aware of its stick location.

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