xPasser 2.0: The Ultimate Training Versatility

The xPasser 1.0 is a tool that we often utilize at xHockeyProducts. It’s durable and an extremely important tool when players want to train on passing, shooting off the pass and receiving good or bad passes.

The xPasser 2.0 includes all of these attributes as the 1.0, but adds a wider surface for passing (3 feet, to be exact), and utilizes both sides for players working on passing. This means that two players can work with the xPasser at once, helping create the ultimate passing station (or stations) for your next camp or practice.

Are you listening, coaches?

Check out as former NHL goaltender Peter Ing and I explain how the xPasser 2.0 can improve your game or your players’ game.

Built proudly in the USA, the xPasser 2.0 is designed to take punishment. Go ahead and rocket passes from both sides at all times; the full thickness and high-density plastic can take it. Just be ready, though: those hard passes are coming back to you at the same speed!

The retractable spike system on the bottom of the xPasser 2.0 is made to plant firmly on the ice, taking away worry that you’ll fire a puck so hard, it’ll send the xPasser flying across the rink.

I can tell you that myself and Peter have personally tested the limits of the xPasser. We are yet to find a weakness.

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Bryce Salvador

The author Bryce Salvador

Bryce is a driving force behind xHockeyProducts™ and is the company Chairman. As a former NHL captain with two decades of professional hockey experience, Bryce uses his knowledge of the game and passion to develop the best hockey training aids and interactive equipment possible.

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