Challenge Yourself with the Quick Handle & Draw

It’s a move that can either get you lined up for a big hit or have you celebrating behind the net.

The quick hand and draw move is something you see throughout the professional and junior leagues. You can instantly tell which players have mastered it and which are still attempting to add it in their repertoire. It’s created timely, impressive goals and it’s resulted in players ending up on their backs.

The only way to be on the positive end of this move is to practice it. Luckily, thanks to the Marsblades and Green Biscuit pucks, you can practice this move anywhere and at any time.

Watch as trainer Pavel Barber shows you how it’s done.

Obviously, Barber is a pro at moves such as this, so it’s important to keep an eye on his feet and body positioning as he rolls through this drill.

Also, notice once he begins skating and shooting in his drill, he is using his markers as defensemen. It’s important to always envision yourself in a game situation so that you can fully implement these moves into your game.

In order to first pull off this move, Barber has some key advice for you:

Remember the key to the quick handle and draw is to keep the bottom hand loose for the quick-handling portion, then tighten up the grip on the bottom hand when you are ready to draw it over with speed and strength.

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