Eliminate Defenders with a Fake-Shot Deke

One of the best shots you can take is lining up your shot, but then not taking it at all. You’ve seen some of the greats master this (Pavel Datsyuk for one), now it’s time for you to learn it.

Whether on ice or in the street, this move is tricky and will require a multitude of time to accomplish. However, thanks to the Green Biscuit and Marsblade Inline Skates, you can work on this anywhere and at any time.

Watch as trainer Pavel Barber shows you how it’s done.

Notice how Barber keeps the puck on his forehand side throughout the video. The key for this move to work is to allow the goalie (or defenseman) to see the puck. You want them to think the shot is coming sooner than it actually is and the only way to do that is to keep your stick in a shooting position the whole time. Remember, goalies read pucks off sticks, not off your eyes.

This drill doesn’t always have to result in a shot. If you have a teammate or friend available, work on making this move and finding your open teammate. If done successfully in a real-game situation, it will often leave your teammate staring at an empty net with the puck on his stick.

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