Improve Leg Strength and Power with the xSlideboard

The only way to improve your leg strength and endurance is finding a few viable workouts to include in your training regime. Unlike weight training to improve your upper body, improving your leg strength comes from not just cable machines and other weight-training accessories, but agility training.

The xSlideboard, created by xHockeyProducts, is the tool you’ve been seeking to push your foot speed, leg power and endurance to the next level. Although made for hockey players, this training aid can be used by anyone to improve all facets of leg strength.

Lateral movement is detrimental to all athletes. Think of a football player breaking a tackle or a skier at the top of a hill. They move laterally, just as you do on the ice rink.

Now, think about the horrific injuries you’ve seen or endured. More often than not, that athlete was moving laterally and was hit or jarred, knocking him or her off balance and creating a bad injury.

In their book Science and Practice of Strength Training, Vladimir Zatsiorsky and William Kraemer introduce multiple theories on why lateral training is just as vital, if not more important, than frontal training:

If the muscles and joint structures that resist lateral movement are not strengthened, the injury risk is very high….Lateral movements, however, are not trained; unfortunately it is exactly these muscles and structures that should be the training target.

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The xSlideboard can be your best friend when resisting injury. Find out how it works and what it does.

The xSlideboard is made from the highest quality polycarbonate resin, which means it will stay structurally sound as you move side-to-side. It’s not a heavy product either, allowing you to move it freely about your house or training facility.

Complete with two xSlideboard End Stops and your choice of size in xBooties, this tool works your lateral movement better than anything you will find in the gym or locker room.

Improve your skating strides and, more importantly, improve the core of your body to stay physically fit and ready for any challenge you may face on the rink.

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