Quick Release Scoring Drill

The xDeviator is an excellent tool for those players looking to improve their stickhandling and skating through obstacles. But it can also be used to utilize a quick release on your shots.

All of these attributes go hand-in-hand, so the xDeviator is prepared to challenge all of them. Simply setting up the xDeviator in a diagonal path across the goal crease allows you to use it as a defenseman waiting for you to cut across the slot.

Watch as trainer Pavel Barber uses different dekes and methods to cut across the xDeviator.

You’ll notice that once Barber passes through the xDeviator, he has little time to gather himself and get a shot on net before he skates himself into a bad angle for shot placement. As he states,

Be sure to release that puck quickly, because in a game, you won’t have a lot of time to release that puck.

Include head fakes and skate dekes as you progress in this drill, as it will add another element in beating a defender in a real-game situation. In drills such as this, it is important to utilize your training aids as in-game obstacles.

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