xDangler: Pull Around Forehand & Backhand

We’ve shown you how the xDangler Pro works as a defenseman for any drill, whether you are stationary or swiftly skating to the net. Doing another stationary drill (like this one), Sergei Simonov and I show you how to work your forehand & backhand pull around on the xDangler.

The pull around move, whether going forehand or backhand, is a move you may not realize you do often. It’s sometimes part of your repertoire when trying to beat someone one-on-one, so it’s best you try and perfect it. While watching the following video, you may feel this is an easy move to make. Think again; it takes speedy hands and a quick eye to pull it off effectively.

Notice how Sergei gets a few extra stickhandles in before the xDangler Pro sweeps back around for the poke check. It’s important to push your limits here; not only should you adjust the xDangler’s speed accordingly, work on getting a few extra stickhandles in before the xDangler’s stick attacks you on your forehand & backhand.

The xDangler Pro can be used for multiple drills, including stationary and on-the-fly options. Stay tuned to Everything Hockey as we continue to show you drills and training methods to get the most out of your xDangler Pro.

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