xHockey Performance Academy: Athletic Development for Young Athletes

At our Everything Hockey blog, we’ve shown you a multitude of training videos that can help you become the best athlete you can be. This includes off-ice training, but most of those videos still require a stick and a ball or puck. What about a series of exercises to do in the weight room or in any open area of your home that doesn’t involve breaking out the stick? This is where xHockey Performance Academy comes in.

If you’ve watched any behind-the-scenes specials on any athlete, whether it be team sports or individual, you will always see that athletes have a strict workout and diet away from the field or ice. Your game relies on a 24-hour cycle of proper technique, not just when you are strapping on the skates. I learned this at a young age and found a trainer help me in my early days.

During my time with the New Jersey Devils, I came across another excellent trainer who I still use for advice and tips to this day.

Introducing Ben Shear, the founder and director of Athletic Edge, a performance enhancement training center located in New Jersey. Together, we are introducing the xHockey Performance Academy, a series of videos that will help you train properly away from the rink.

Even if you’re not a hockey player, this is a perfect training regime for younger athletes looking to get the best out of their workouts.

As Ben states, ” the main purpose of what we’re trying to teach here are things that have been forgotten in today’s phys-ed world. We want to teach them body strength and control, coordination and bio-motor skills —things that are super important to become a great young hockey player.”

Make sure to not miss this entire series on YouTube, but stay tuned with the xHockeyProducts Everything Hockey blog as we will have breakdowns of each workout included with the video.

If you live in the New Jersey area, make sure to check out Athletic Edge for some of the best training advice you’ll ever receive.

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