Add a Solid Backhand to Your Offensive Arsenal

The backhand shot is the most difficult shot to master. Due to the curvature of the blade, it feels near impossible to put it wear you’re aiming. Players either seem to struggle with getting it off the ice at all, or being able to keep it lower than 20 feet high.

Just like everything else in sports, the only way to work on this is through practice, training and drills. You need to get more involved than just standing in the slot and firing backhand shot after backhand shot. Whether on ice or off it, you need to keep your feet moving and your wrists curling. After all, you’ll never get a backhand scoring chance while you’re standing still in front of the goalie.

A lot of the ability to fire a backhand shot comes from momentum. If you’re moving forward and forcing power through your arms and hands, you’re more likely to rip a good shot (even more so than with wrist shots). Push your speed up and you’ll instantly notice a difference.

Take the following drill, for example. Notice how trainer Pavel Barber gets his feet moving and his wrists in motion. At the end of the drill, he powers a hard, accurate backhand shot toward the goal.

Thanks to help from the xDeviator and xPasser, Barber is finding himself in constant motion, setting himself up for a tricky backhander.

The xTargets are a great addition as well, giving Barber something to aim for. Accuracy is more difficult than speed on the backhand; the xTargets are vital here for players to be able to hit their mark.

Keep in mind, backhanders are often sent wide. Even the best players can attest to that. Don’t let yourself get down if you’re not hitting the xTargets on every shot. Just keep working and you’ll notice improvement throughout your training regime.

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