Enhance Your Backhand Game

One of the toughest parts of playing our game is learning how to utilize the backhand. Not just the shot, but anything on the backhand.

With the way our sticks are designed, the release of the backhand, whether a shot or pass, can provide uncertainty. How many times have you put yourself in prime scoring position, only to see a backhand shot sail wide of the net?

The only way to truly improve your backhand is to constantly train on the backhand. Again, don’t just train for the shot, train yourself to stickhandle, pass and shoot well on the backhand.

Using the xPasser, EZ Goal and xTiles, trainer Pavel Barber is able to show you the proper way to improve your backhand game in all facets.

One important note that Barber stresses: your release should be in the middle of the stick. If you’re releasing from the heel or the toe, your shot will be wild and way off the spot you’re aiming.

Rolling from heel to middle is important. You can even feel it if you attempt a power move to the net on your backhand; the natural tendency of the puck is to roll along the stick. Prepare for this as you train. When beginning to move the puck on the backhand, allow it to sit at the heel and allow it to move to the middle, then snap your pass or shot.

Any goalie will tell you that the backhand is the most elusive of the shots they face. Use this to your advantage.

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