Gretzky Floor Hockey Sticks Train You to Be Great

You probably remember playing floor hockey in gym class in middle or high school. It was terrible, wasn’t it? The sticks were flimsy and everyone was always hacking at your legs as you carried the ball.

Although we can’t do anything about the hackers on the floorball court, we can provide you with a better option for a stick. If Wayne Gretzky were your gym coach, he would have provided you with top-end material.

x_bladeThat’s what The Great One has done for floorball hockey. Exclusive to xHockeyProducts, Gretzky Floor Hockey Sticks eliminate that flimsy feeling you noticed in gym class, replacing that unreliable plastic with T-3 coating and Double Grip / Wrap Grip for a sturdy stick that won’t bend when you shoot.

The entire stick is created with composite material, mimicking what you would feel on the ice. Let the hackers through; they won’t be breaking this stick any time soon.

The xBlade technology makes up the stick’s blade, allowing you to rip shots, receive passes and stickhandle to the best of your abilities.

Watch as Bryce Salvador and I discuss this revolutionary floor hockey stick.

Although you may not instantly become The Great One, you will feel a vast improvement over other floor hockey sticks.

It’s important to get an on-ice feel when you are playing floor hockey. Even if you are a floor hockey player by trade, an improved stick will help you control your game better, allowing you to feel more comfortable with pushing yourself to limits you never thought you could reach.

If you’re training for ice or inline hockey, you won’t notice a major transition when going from your Gretzky floor hockey stick to your on-ice or on-tile stick. It’s a technology that was designed for players who are participating in all types of hockey.

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