One-Touch Passing and Shooting

Hockey is a game of speed and agility. If you are able to provide your team with one-touch passing or shooting, you can be deadly in the offensive zone.

Although training with teammates and coaches is ideal, you don’t always have that luxury (and even in practice, there’s only so many people on the ice). That’s why the xPasser (available in the U.S. and Canada), xPasser 2.0 (U.S. and Canada) and xTargets (U.S. and Canada) all come in handy.

Setting up the xPasser behind you (and in a position for you to receive passes on the backhand), as well as the xPasser 2.0 in front of you (allowing you to receive passes on the forehand), you can work on your quickness with passing, pass reception and shooting off a pass. All of these are vitals tools when working the puck in the offensive zone.

Watch as trainer Pavel Barber shows you how to complete a one-touch passing and shooting drill.

As Barber states,

We are focusing on getting it off nice and quickly, keeping the puck flat on the ground and make sure your footwork is good; that way you’re not reaching for the puck.

Remember: this is a drill focused on reaction speed and getting off a quick release. It’s ok to start the drill a little slower than Barber, but you need to build your speed up to be quicker and quicker.

You can really work yourself in this drill by delivering an uneasy pass to either of the xPassers. If you send an ill pass their way, you will receive an imperfect pass back. This will force you to settle quickly before snapping a shot. The worse the pass, the better your mind will focus on settling the puck quickly for an accurate shot.

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