xHockey Performance Academy: Advanced Plyometrics

Last week, Ben Shear and I showed you how basic plyometrics and how these workouts can increase your quickness and balance. Taking those into consideration, we have moved onto working out with advanced plyometrics.

Check out our video below to see some advanced plyometrics to further your training.

As Ben points out in this video, it is vital in your development to make sure you are completing drills in both directions, so that you are working the same muscles on both sides of your body.

Just like the drills we’ve shown you on the ice, it’s important to remember that speed will come with time. Start the drills in this video at a slower rate so that you can fully comprehend what you’re doing (especially starting with the second drill we show you). As you start to feel more comfortable, pick up the speed and start completing the drill faster and faster with each try. Progression is key when doing advanced plyometrics.

Remember that when doing these advanced drills, your brain is active the entire time. As you do on the rink, or even on a math or science quiz in school, you’re going to make mistakes. That’s ok! Just keep working at it and don’t get down on yourself. Even the professionals, myself included, don’t complete this with 100 percent accuracy on every attempt.

Stay tuned to the Everything Hockey blog, as well as our YouTube channel, for more xHockey Performance Academy exercises!

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