Complete the Michigan with the xPasser Give-N-Go

If you’ve ever skated in a practice or warm-up, chances are that you’ve completed The Michigan. It’s a staple in hockey warm-up drills.

Oftentimes, coaches will stress the importance of speed and precise passing when completing this drill (not only to gauge talent, but to help you work on your in-game situations). Whether completing this with speed or allowing for a slower pace, this drill is great with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

Similar to what we showed you with The Minnesota, this drill allows for either a small or large amount of players to complete the drill. The xPasser Give-N-Go allows players to truly feel how well they are passing, since the puck springs back to the player in the same manner he or she sent it.

Watch the video below to see how to set up The Michigan with the xPasser Give-N-Goes, as well as how players can complete the drill.

As you can see, the skater starts at the blue line and slides the puck to the xPasser Give-N-Go to start. He or she skates in full steam, receives the puck and rips a shot on net (with or without a goalie in net). After gathering the rebound (or another puck), the player circles back on his or her forehand side and dishes another pass to the xPasser. He or she then circles the xPasser Give-N-Go, now serving as an obstacle, and the player takes another shot on net before returning to the designated spot behind the blue line.

Stay tuned to Everything Hockey as we continue to provide you with drills that include your xPasser Give-N-Go. Thanks for watching.

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