Cross-Ice Warm Up with xPasser Give-N-Go

We’ve already shown you how the xPasser Give-N-Go can be great for a full-ice warm up. On this video, though, we are happy to show you how you can use it on half the rink in a cross-ice warm up.

Using a similar set up to the full-ice warm up, the cross-ice warm up sees the Give-N-Go sit in the middle of one of the zones. See the video below for the process a player will go through.

As you can see, the xPasser Give-N-Go functions on both sides of the zone. This is great for a practice where you have multiple drills (or stations) set up and your space is limited. Players can skate in continuous circles until you blow the final whistle.

Remember the speed of the drill is completely up to the coach. This can be a bit of a slower drill to get the legs pumping blood, or it can be a speed drill where players are working through the drill as fast as possible.

This would also be a possible alternative to warm ups before actual games, too. Just place the Give-N-Go parallel with the sideboards in the middle and have players just shoot on one net (with your goalie in the crease). Obviously, you would want to stagger it so two players aren’t shooting at once, or simply just use one side of the xPasser Give-N-Go, alternating sides when a player returns for a shot.

Stay tuned to our Everything Hockey blog for more drills with the xPasser Give-N-Go.

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