The Half-Ice 3-Pass Figure 8 Drill

The figure 8 drill is a must-have for the coach looking to see how his or her players are developing their skating abilities. We already showed you a drill that works passing into the figure 8, but today we will look at one that gets a little more complicated.

The drill should usually begin in the neutral zone, allowing players enough space to whip around their final obstacle and skate in on goal for a shot from the faceoff circle.

Watch the video below as we show you how it is done.

As you can see, our player in the video utilizes speed around his turns, making it difficult to make the correct pass to the xPasser Give-N-Go, receive the pass back and remain in line with the skating obstacles. You can see that he even fumbles the puck a bit as he skates around the obstacle closest to the camera. This is a precise drill that requires heavy focus.

This is a fast-paced figure 8 drill that requires players to keep their heads up (so they’re not skating into obstacles), while also requiring quick passing and pass reception. If done at the player’s highest speed, you will see multiple mistakes made throughout. That’s ok; it’s all a part of learning and improving. After a few tries, players should become accustomed to it and even begin feeling the game-like situation this truly emulates. Getting into this mindset should help players finish this drill in a timely fashion.

Stay tuned to Everything Hockey for more xPasser Give-N-Go drills that you can use in your practice or try-out.

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