xHockey Performance Academy: Plyometrics Skipping

Something we learn as children to develop our basic motor skills is skipping. Although this sounds like an easy concept, plyometrics skipping is a little more complex as you are getting your entire body involved, while focusing on driving your body forward with momentum and supreme balance.

Trainer Ben Shear tells us how plyometrics skipping should be done in the gym or the safety of our own home in the video below. What you are about to watch is something kids often struggle with, and therefore will need some help in understanding. Be patient and allow them to learn at their own pace.

In the first workout, you see how I am moving my arms (during the second go around), in order to allow for my of a rhythmic fashion for better athletic training. Note that my knees are coming just above the waist and my arms are moving freely as if I were sprinting.

You can see when I start running the plyometrics skipping backward, I am continuing the same motions as if I were accomplishing it forward, just moving my momentum backward.

Stay tuned as Ben and I will bring you more from the xHockey Performance Academy in the coming weeks.

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