Put the Puck Through the Defenseman

You always see the spectacular toe drags and dekes that allows a forward to go from one side of the defender to the other for a quality scoring chance. You want to make that move, but you don’t know how to train yourself to do it.

With the Attack Triangle, this move can be studied and attempted, even if you don’t have easy access to ice.

Trainer Pavel Barber, a master at weaving through defensemen, shows you how you can practice for moving past a defender with this tricky and complicated set of skills.

You can see that the Attack Triangle acts as a stagnant defender, with the front peg acting as a stick and the other two as legs. Obviously, a defenseman will move his feet and stick to react, so the best way to practice is to train yourself to do this with speed and precision, allowing you to move past a defenseman before he can react.

Although this drill can be practice off ice, remember to always keep your feet moving when training. As Barber states,

You have to be moving those feet. We don’t want you guys to be reaching. Whenever we’re doing stickhandling, we want to use our footwork to get to a position where we can stickhandle with good speed and good strength to get that puck from Point A to Point B.

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