The Minnesota: xPasser Give-N-Go Style

The Minnesota is a drill that coaches use frequently in practice and, as they tell their players, before games. It’s a time-tested drill that players usually enjoy as it works on coordination, speed, passing and shooting.

It’s a drill that is meant for a full-team practice. However, there are often times where a snowstorm hits or there are traffic jams, resulting in less players showing up to practice. It’s difficult to complete drills such as The Minnesota when there isn’t a surplus of players to utilize.

Enter the xPasser Give-N-Go.

Acting as teammates, the xPasser Give-N-Goes in the following video makes it possible to complete this drill with as little, or as many, players you can throw on the ice. It eliminates the need for multiple passers.

Of course, the xPasser Give-N-Go isn’t just vital when you have less players. It acts as a perfect-passing teammate. During the course of this drill, human error can play a big role in the passers’ parts. The xPasser Give-N-Go delivers the puck back to the carrier just as he or she sent it, allowing coaches and the player him or herself to evaluate the skill individually.

Stay tuned to the Everything Hockey blog as we will continue to deliver you ideas for use with your xPasser Give-N-Go.

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