Work Passing into the Figure 8

Coaches have been making players skate the figure 8 with a puck in practices for centuries. It provides an excellent gauge for speed, cornering, stickhandling ability and hand-eye coordination. In this post, though, we are adding two other vital elements to the game: passing and pass reception.

The xPasser Give-N-Go allows passing to be implemented. Just set the xPasser up somewhere within passing distance in the middle of the two cones (or whatever you are using as barriers), and players can work on their strides while giving and receiving passes on the fly. As we all know, moving the puck while in constant motion is an integral part to any player’s development.

Watch the drill below and see how it is done.

You can see that we made players complete the entire figure 8 three times before allowing them to skate to the net for a shot. You can follow our lead or add or omit cycles as you please and you will still see the same results.

Since the xPasser Give-N-Go is designed to send the puck back at the same speed and consistency as the puck was received, it’s important to watch for the player’s ability to send a crisp pass to the xPasser. If he or she does so, they will receive it in the same manner as they continue to skate through the neutral zone. Also watch for the ability to field the pass as he or she continues to stride through the figure 8.

Stay tuned to the Everything Hockey blog for more videos on how the xPasser Give-N-Go can be utilized in practice or tryouts.

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