xHockey Performance Academy: Figure 8 with Weighted Puck

In our last xHockey Performance Academy video, we used figure 8s with a regular puck to work on your stickhandling speed and strength. Today, we do the same three drills, but with a weighted puck.

What are the advantages of using a weighted puck in practice/training? For one, it helps build the muscles necessary to be a strong stickhandler on the ice. Secondly, players will learn to be stronger on their sticks, ultimately making them stronger on the puck when on the ice. Players should notice a difference in their on-puck strength just a few times after using a weighted puck when training.

In the video below, lead trainer Pete Talafous shows you how to complete the three stationary stickhandling drills with a weighted puck.

As Pete points out in the video, it’s important to be in the proper stickhandling position with your entire body. A weighted puck will add stress to your joints if training for a long period of time, so it’s important to be crouched down in your usual hockey stance to avoid this.

Just think about when you are working out on a machine or even when you’re moving furniture. If you don’t keep your knees slightly bent and your elbows in, you could end the workout/furniture move feeling stiff and tired.

Let’s also consider that when training, you need to be in the mindset of when you’re in a real game in order for it to truly help your on-ice game. What better way to do this than be in a hockey stance?

Stay tuned for more hockey skills training with the xHockey Performance Academy. We’ll continue to post these to our Everything Hockey blog so that you can take full advantage of our skills training videos.

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