xHockey Performance Academy: Wrist Shot Basics

Bad habits can destroy a player’s ability to take a noteworthy wrist shot, as well as every aspect of the game. Today, however, we focus mainly on the wrist shot and how proper technique can be the difference between a lamp lighter and a failed attempt.

Trainers Pete Talafous and Kyle Rains show you the four important steps in taking a wrist shot in today’s xHockey Performance Academy video.

As Pete explains in the video, the four keys to a powerful and accurate shot are as follows:

  1. Puck placement
  2. Weight transfer
  3. Hand positioning
  4. Release

There are a multitude of items to go over here, but coach Pete does an excellent job explaining these in the video. We’ll just focus on a few here.

First of all, the placement of the puck is key. Even in the NHL, you can sometimes find players loading up for a shot, but the puck moved on them, creating a whiff effect or an extremely wide shot. It’s important to allow the puck to stay in the middle to back of the blade so that the force you are driving into the puck, which dissipates the closer you get to the toe of the blade, transfers properly into the puck.

Weight transfer is a vital aspect to a top wrist shot. Oftentimes, I see young players transferring their weight too early in the shot (or even never at all), creating a disoriented effect within the body, causing a tumble to the ice. Think about what you are doing when taking a shot; you’re loading your entire body’s force into the shot. Just like skating, proper weight transfer allows the body to stay balanced, while maximum torque is utilized on the shot.

These four keys to a solid wrist shot will come up again in future xHockey Performance Academy videos, so make sure to practice each of them every time you practice your shot.

Thanks for watching.

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