xHockey Performance Academy: Proper Body Positioning

How often have you seen young players get in position to rip a shot, but simply fall when receiving the pass or on their wind up? It’s often because of improper body positioning, which can cause a player to lose his or her balance in key moments of games.

If the player learns proper body positioning before finding him or herself in that situation, the results would have been exponentially different.

The truth is that body positioning is an important part of hockey in every facet. Skating on a thin blade means great balance is a necessity; with the constant shifting of bodyweight that playing hockey creates, players must learn how to keep that balance in every situation.

Watch the video below as Pete Talafous, the lead instructor at Total Hockey Minnesota, and myself explain why learning proper body positioning is vital to today’s players.

As Pete shows us while stickhandling, his body is ready for anything while controlling the puck. His knees being bent means he is ready to push off and stride toward the goal at any moment, while maintaining a lower center of gravity means he is less susceptible to a body check driving him far off the puck.

With the xHockey Performance Academy series, we will continue showing you how positioning your body will help improve your game at all levels.

If you don’t believe us, watch a pro game; they are always ready for anything their opponents throw at them because their bodies are always in tune with what they are doing with or without the puck. The ones that aren’t don’t last long in the big leagues.

Keep up to date with Everything Hockey as we will continue to bring you videos on how to properly train off the ice.

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