xPasser Give-N-Go: High Slot One-Timers

One-timers have been a staple for offensive players for decades. Getting a shot off as quickly as possible after receiving a pass can both confuse the defense and stun the goalie.

It’s important to be able to unload one-timers from anywhere in the offensive zone, as a quick pass and a quicker shot can lead to a prime scoring chance. These are often included in teams’ training schedules, as it places an important part in any coach’s offensive strategy.

Thanks to the xPasser Give-N-Go, players can work on their one-timers whenever they find time (whether on the ice or on any flat surface). It can also be implemented during practice, as seen below.

Setting up the xPasser Give-N-Goes in the high slot allows players to move the puck, receive it back and fire off a bomb. Remember what we learned about momentum and kinetic energy in science class: the faster the object is already moving, the faster it can be unloaded again. Think about a 100 mph fastball getting rocketed out of a ballpark.

It’s important for players to send off quick passes and be ready for it to be returned in the same manner. The quicker the pass, the less reaction time the player has. With this drill in full motion, the player should be able to send out a hard pass and a hard shot within about a second from each other.

In a game situation, this will come in handy for the entire team.

We will continue to post more drills that can be generated with the help of the xPasser Give-N-Go. Stay tuned to Everything Hockey for more.

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