xPasser Give-N-Go: Pass, Deke, Shoot

There are so many ways to use the xPasser Give-N-Go, there’s no way to count. Here’s another one of our favorite drills with this training must-have; we call it the pass, deke, shoot drill.

With the xPasser lined up in the high slot (above the faceoff circles), and a goalie in net, skaters can work on their shooting, deking and passing all in one drill. It’s one of the more entertaining drills for the players, so it’s bound to be a major hit at your next practice.

The first player makes an on-the-ice pass to the xPasser Give-N-Go, while the second skater barrels in to receive the pass back from the training tool. He or she then uses the xPasser as a defender, shielding the puck from it and making a deke to get around it. This works the player’s mindset in preparedness for an in-game situation. The skater then simply skates the puck in and takes a shot on goal.

Once the player finishes his or her shot, he or she skates back to center ice and the drill repeats itself. It’s important to make sure each player is first passing, then skating and shooting in the rotation.

This drill can be completed with or without a goaltender.

Stay tuned to the Everything Hockey blog for more pro tips on how to properly utilize your xPasser Give-N-Go, as well as any other training tools you have picked up from xHockeyProducts.

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